The beautiful and extraordinary terrace overlooking the sea of San Costabile, where it is possible to admire the red roofs of Santa Maria di Castellabate and the small village of San Marco, both hamlets of Castellabate, with the beaches of Pozzillo and Santa Maria.

The celebration of the saint

On February 17, preparations are in full swing for the celebrations in honor of the founder and patron saint of Castellabate San Costabile Gentilcore.
It is a unique event as the image of the Saint of the Diocese moves to other places and not only in Castellabate.
After a welcoming ceremony in Piazza Lucia, the statue reaches the Basilica Santa Maria de Gulia for the Solemn Mass with the participation of the Choir of the Diocese of Vallo della Lucania.

Finally, at the end of the ceremony it is possible to admire the spectacular panorama from the viewing point and not only: from the Abbot’s Castle it is possible to cross stone alleys, narrow passages under arches, stairways, ancient buildings, and the very famous square 10 October 1123, to a 360° tourist experience of the city.

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