Among the things to photograph is undoubtedly the plaque from 1811, dedicated to Gioacchino Murat, who said in Castellabate: “YOU DON’T DIE HERE” referring to the purity of its air. A phrase made even more famous by the well-known film “Benvenuti al Sud” with the legendary Siani and Bisio. A film set that certainly contributed to the fame of Castellabate. But let’s remember, the village deserves to be visited, above all for its historical beauties, as well as for the territory in which it is located, declared a world heritage site by Unesco.


“Here you don’t die” pronounced King Gioacchino Murat from the Belvedere of San Costabile in the presence of so much beauty and wholesomeness; in 1811 the healthy climate of Castellabate found its first important admirer. A plaque placed near Piazza Perrotti, on the occasion of the bicentenary of Murat’s arrival, celebrates the sentence of the French king.

However, the main reason is also linked to the miracle that surrounds the city. It was San Costabile, around the seventeenth century, who repulsed the assault of Saracen pirates who had already landed at Pozzillo and were about to invade Castellabate. He tied 2 lighted torches to the horns of a herd of goats; these, launched in the paths descending towards the sea, induced the attackers to desist from the intent, believing they were castellabatesi in defense of their territories.

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