In the heart of the village we find ourselves in the small square of Castellabate. The Piazza 10 October 1123, which takes its name from the date the castle was founded, is perhaps better known as the square where the post office was located in the film “Benvenuti al Sud”. Many tourists who arrive here expect to see the famous post office, and many are disappointed because they only find a bar. Let’s dispel this myth by revealing that the post office never existed at that point, but was simply part of the cinematic setting. In any case, it is pleasant to stop for a few moments in this little square among cafes, restaurants and a panoramic view of the Annunziata valleys.


The square, like all the places in Castellabate, is surrounded by legends and folk tales according to which the name originates from the light of the candles that once illuminated the deposits which, seen from the sea, looked like so many cat’s eyes.

Today the nets and other equipment of fishing boats have given way to the sofas and tables of bars and restaurants where the summer nightlife gathers, but the candles remain and continue to light up the “cat’s eyes”, keeping the charm of this place unchanged delightful little port

Walking along the square, you can walk through the city taking a last look at the fortress of Castellabate, its beach and its clear and calm sea, until you meet the profile of Punta Licosa, and we return towards Salerno with only one awareness: Gioacchino Murat could have better expressed the beauty of these places, “here you don’t die”.

Torna in alto
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