In addition to the suggestive summer evenings, another period of the year full of events is Christmas. The “Natale al Borgo” initiative is one of the most characteristic events of Castellabate, which in that period is transformed into a real set for the representation of the living nativity scene.

Christmas in Castellabate, “Natale al Borgo” undoubtedly represents a fundamental stage, in the context of the experiences to be lived in Castellabate.

Natale al Borgo is a project started nineteen years ago, characterized by unprecedented locations in its path in the historic center. All this is favored by the fact of having a place available whose historical structure lends itself perfectly to the setting of the scenes.

What can you live

The emotion that “Natale al Borgo” gives is unique and unrepeatable. The historic setting makes it unique and precious for its beauty, offering an indelible memory to the visitor. The characterizing feature is the living nativity scene where the characters are interpreted and staged by the locals, who re-propose the most ancient local crafts and work some products according to old traditional folk methods.

Natale al Borgo is not only a folk reenactment of the area, but it is also a scrupulous reproduction of historical settings of the society of the last century.

Natale al borgo
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